December 10, 2019

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Developing the Distributed Future of Enterprise Transformation

What a difference a year makes. In 2017 - 2018 just the word Blockchain could inspire floods of investment, expansive PR blasts and inflated stock valuations. As the hype has died down the true potential that distributed ledger based technology offers can finally be discovered. At The Blockchain Opportunity Summit you will learn from and connect with the innovators who have withstood the storm of speculation to continue building truly transformative solutions. You will leave this event with the network and understanding needed to make your own business more secure, transparent and efficient with Blockchain integrated into your emerging tech strategy.

New | Masterclass Pre-Summit Workshops

These Masterclass Workshop sessions will introduce you to the latest innovations in Blockchain tech. Learn about the solutions and tools you need to facilitate your distributed ledger strategy from the people developing them.

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6 Featured Keynotes

Join blockchain experts and C-Suite thought-leaders for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at how early adopters of the technology are applying blockchain to their business operations.

Unmatched Networking

Meet and network with over 200 cross-industry Blockchain leaders and innovators to exchange ideas, share insights, and strengthen the business relationships that are so crucial to your success.


We’ve brought together some of today’s most innovative and cutting edge leaders to share the insights you need to hear. And believe us… you don't want to miss what they have to say.


CO-CHAIR: Kelcey Gosserand


Program Director Developer Advocay, North America


CO-CHAIR: F. Dario De Martino

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Co-Chair, Blockchain & Smart Contracts


CO-CHAIR: Susan Gault-Brown

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Co-Chair, Blockchain


CO-CHAIR: Asael Meir, CPA


Partner & Technology Industry Leader


Mary Jane Ajodah

BNY Mellon

Vice President, Strategy


Satya Bajpai


Tech M&A and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets


Wendy Callaghan


Chief Innovation Legal Officer and Associate General Counsel


Fritz Charles

Coin Gamma



Thierry Derungs

BNP Paribas

Wealth Management Chief Digital Officer, Head Digital Solutions


Mike Edelhart

Social Starts

Managing Partner


Steve Ehrlich

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance



Sean Felter

The Crown League

Vice President, Investor Relations and League Development


Lorraine Frias


Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives - Blockchain


Rohan Handa


Manager, New Digital Business


Isaac Kim




Spencer Klein

Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Co-Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions Practice


Sundeep Kumar

JP Morgan Chase

Executive Director, Global Technology


Allyson Laurance


Vice President, TTS Global Innovation


Angel Lorente

Morgan Stanley

Global Treasury Controller


Bijon Mehta


Managing Director, Financial Services


Alex Nascimento

UCLA Blockchain Lab



Ron Quaranta

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Founder & Chairman of the Board


Amol Sarva


CEO & Co-Founder


Saket Sinha


Vice President & Global Blockchain Leader - Financial Services


Rajiv Sondhi

Capital One (US/Canada)

Vice President, Information Technology


Ambre Soubiran




Ed Stelzer

InsureTech and Blockchain Advisor


Steven Zheng

The Block

Head of Research



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*Agenda is subject to change.

Breakfast + Registration

Masterclass Workshop 1 | Price discovery in the digital assets space – BC/Big Data

Masterclass One: Price discovery in the digital assets space – BC/Big Data
Price discovery is a central function of any marketplace, as it exposes where the supply and demand curves meet, thereby setting the price of any asset or service. Various market participants in the blockchain / digital asset space need to access reliable and transparent market data, and the availability and quality of this data forms an integral part of the infrastructure required for the development of digital assets as a new asset class. This workshop will delve into the mechanism of matching engines, cryptocurrency exchanges, how data is made available, and how is being consumed by various market participants, from startups to institutional investors.

  • Ambre Soubiran, CEO, Kaiko

Networking Break

Masterclass Workshop 2 | M&A – A Primer & Toolkit

Masterclass Two: M&A - A Primer and Toolkit
As the blockchain industry continues to mature, strategic buyers are increasingly active in this space as they seek to expand their portfolio or enter into new business sectors. Please join us for a compelling panel that will discuss legal and financial issues that ought to be considered in order to successfully complete an M&A transaction in the blockchain industry.

  • Spencer Klein, Co-Chair, Mergers & Acquisitions Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Satya Bajpai, Tech M&A and Head of Blockchain and Digital Assets, JMP Group, LLC
  • F. Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Luncheon for Workshop Participants

*For workshop participants only

Chairs’ Welcoming Remarks

  • Kelcey Gosserand, Program Director Developer Advocay, North America, IBM
  • Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Susan Gault-Brown, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Asael Meir, Partner, Technology Industry Leaders, CohnReznick

Introducing NULS: The WordPress of Blockchain

Blockchain has attracted the attention of millions for its potential to disrupt multiple industries. However, every business knows how difficult it is to utilize the blockchain in their business model. Our solution, the NULS “Chain Factory” provides customizable modules for any business or individual to integrate their own blockchain solution within minutes. In this presentation, we will be exploring potential enterprise use cases for an integrated NULS blockchain and expanding on the core NULS technology that puts us head and shoulders above the competition.

  • Isaac Kim, COO, NULS

The Future of Identity Management

Can Blockchain offer the panacea we dream of: the ability to secure our identity and personal details without forgoing transactional ease? Many say yes, but some still say no. This session will begin with a 30min panel conversation about where we stand right now as far as Blockchain for Identity Management followed by interactive working groups given the task of determining the most promising use cases of Blockchain for Identity Management or the biggest reasons why this promise is overblown.

  • Steve Ehrlich, COO, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

Networking Break

Panel: dApps – The Newest Essential in Your Blockchain Toolkit

Distributed Apps are the beyond-ICO Blockchain applications promised by that Blockchain evangelist in your office since they bought their first Bitcoin. dApps are built on all the qualities that make Blockchain technology exciting including personal data security, the lack of a middle-man, and freedom to seamlessly iterate over time. This panel will discuss some of the most exciting dApps as well as how to get started building one for your own organization.

  • Moderator:Mike Edelhart, Managing Partner, Social Starts
  • Fritz Charles, Founder, Gamma Coin
  • Steven Zheng, Head of Research, The Block

Keynote: Security Tokens and the Future of Blockchain

  • Alex Nascimento, Founder, UCLA Blockchain Lab

Chairs’ Closing Remarks

  • Kelcey Gosserand, Program Director Developer Advocay, North America, IBM
  • Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Susan Gault-Brown, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Asael Meir, Partner, Technology Industry Leaders, CohnReznick

Networking Reception

Day 1 Concludes

IBM Breakfast

Breakfast + Registration

Chairs’ Opening + Welcome

  • Kelcey Gosserand, Program Director Developer Advocay, North America, IBM
  • Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Susan Gault-Brown, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Asael Meir, Partner, Technology Industry Leaders, CohnReznick

Opening Keynote: Blockchain as part of Personal Insurance Strategy

  • Wendy Callaghan, Chief Innovation Legal Officer & Associate General Counsel, AIG

Blockchain – Myth vs. Reality: How leading Financial Services Firms are Deploying Blockchain Use Cases

While a lot of blockchain point of views, minimum viable products, pilots have been developed, the industry is still pondering on how much of it is truly a real business opportunity. This discussion focuses on real progress made by some leading financial institutions with their blockchain initiatives and how they are overcoming challenges to make it happen. Blockchain is a collaborative solution and this discussion will focus on the needs to bring the industry ecosystem together to jointly build blockchain solutions.

  • Saket Sinha, Vice President & Global Blockchain Leader - Financial Services, IBM

Networking Break

Fund Regulations and Engaging with the SEC

This presentation will address the regulatory pros and cons of different digital asset fund structures, from open-end funds to ETFs to commodity pools, as well as tips for how to work with the SEC when seeking to launch a new fund product.

  • Susan Gault-Brown, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP

Keynote: Blockchain for the Real Estate Sector

This keynote will explore the power and the promise of the blockchain to provide "canonical truth" for the real estate market, reducing transaction costs and making the market run more efficiently. Amol will explain why Knotel chose to acquire 42Floors, a SF-based real estate search engine, to spearhead the development of, our blockchain platform debuting (in beta) in January. He will address the challenges faced developing the platform, how they are overcoming them, and the value of an engaged advisory board to guide them through the process.

  • Amol Sarva, CEO, Knotel

Networking Luncheon

Keynote: Blockchain Driven Pro Fantasy Football

  • Sean Felter, Vice President, Investor Relations and League Development, The Crown League

Case Study: AI + BC = Better BI

When you combine the processing power of AI with the trusted data offered by a Distributed Ledger you get a new level of access to your business information and the building to draw insights from that data faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

  • Sundeep Kumar, Executive Director, Global Technology, JP Morgan Chase

Panel + Interactive Working Group: From PoC to Enterprise Wide Applications

At this point perhaps, you’ve run a successful PoC and you’ve got some of the executive buy-ins you need to make your Blockchain dreams a reality. How do you close the gap between “this close” to actually rolling out Blockchain applications at scale? These panelists will share their own approaches for overcoming roadblocks and then will lead an interactive group discussion about how everyone in the audience can take their necessary next steps.

  • Moderator: Bijon Mehta, Managing Director, Financial Services, Box
  • Allyson Laurance, VP, Global Innovation, Citi
  • Mary Jane Ajodah, VP, Strategy, BNY Mellon
  • Angel Lorente, Americas Finance Innovation Leader, Morgan Stanley

Networking Break

Panel: Obstacles Blocking Blockchain Progress

Based on the hype you might believe Blockchain had the power to do everything from fostering World Peace to making your bed each morning. If it is so amazing, why have we not implemented it in every possible way yet? Blockchain poses some challenges beyond those typical with the rollout of any new technology including its demand for extreme amounts of computing power. This panel will highlight these obstacles as well as some ways we can begin to overcome them.

  • Moderator: Asael Meir, CPA, Partner & Technology Industry Leader, CohnReznick
  • Lorraine Frias, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives - Blockchain, Optum
  • Rajiv Sondhi, VP IT, Capital One
  • Ed Stelzer, Blockchain Advisor

Closing Keynote: How Blockchain Changes Our Business Value

Disintermediation threatens intermediators. Therefore, all industries, but perhaps financial services most of all most seek ways to offer value to their customers and stakeholders via the Blockchain as opposed to in spite of it. In some cases, this shifting landscape may require a large-scale change to your business model. We will end the summit by looking at what’s in store for your business in a Blockchain Driven world.

  • Thierry Derungs, Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Chairs’ Closing Remarks

  • Kelcey Gosserand, Program Director Developer Advocay, North America, IBM
  • Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Susan Gault-Brown, Co-Chair, Blockchain Practice, Morrison & Foerster, LLP
  • Asael Meir, Partner, Technology Industry Leaders, CohnReznick

Summit Concludes

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