David Harris

Head of Emerging Technology @ London Stock Exchange Group

David Harris is the Head of Emerging Technology for the London Stock Exchange Group.

David Harris served the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Chicago Board Option Exchange Stock Exchange (CBSX), as well as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Stock Exchange (NSX). Mr. Harris’ career has focused on trading market development and innovative market models, particularly those enabled by sophisticated technology platforms. As an influential thought leader in the securities industry, Mr. Harris has testified before Congress and government agencies, served as a member of industry boards and committees, and has provided input during national market structure crises and periods of market stress. A former attorney, he has been a force for regulatory compliance at the companies he’s served and has influenced regulatory policy in the financial services industry.

Before CBSX and NSX, Mr. Harris served as Senior Vice President of Business Planning and Strategy at the American Stock Exchange with responsibility for such key initiatives as new business line formation, strategic relationships, and market structure formation. He regularly provided guidance on business exchange-wide business planning and critical aspects of the exchange’s new trading technology initiatives.

Mr. Harris has also served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Nasdaq Liffe Markets, LLC (NQLX), a joint venture between The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc., and the London Financial Futures and Options Exchange. He was one of the founders of NQLX, serving on the launch team for this electronic futures trading platform for hybrid securities/futures products.

Mr. Harris also served as Counsel to the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the NASD and Nasdaq.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Harris served as a Senior Associate at law firm Kirkpatrick & Lockhart and as Senior Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He holds a law degree from Catholic University School of Law, where he served as a senior staff member on the law review.